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Browband 411 - All about browbands!
Browband 411 - All about browbands!
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Browband 411 - All about browbands!

Here is an email I received from a client today who is saddened by her beautiful browband being stolen out of her tack stall at a show...... I will be helping her out to replace the stolen browband and in the meantime if anyone has seen the Lady Guinevere Blue Browband on a horse, please let me know or stand up for my client and ask if they would please return it to her!!!

"Hi Lisa, I am the person who you made the Lady Guinivere Blue browband for, for the first time after I picked what bead and stones I wanted and created my own arrangement with them with your guidance and input. I have about 8 browbands with stones, crystals, etc. and yours is hands down my absolute favorite. I get so many compliments on it at every show or clinic I attend and every person at my barn is super envious of it. However for some strange reason they continue to order the "browbands with bling" that are cheaper but can't compare to your art work and workmanship. I even had to let my trainer after much pleading, borrow it to have a portrait of her horse's head painted in her bridle wearing "MY" browband. I must say the painting turned out beautifully and the browband looks amazing.

Unfortunately, I'm writing to tell you that at a show 3 months ago someone actually came in our tack stall and stole it off my bridle while my entire barn was up at an arena watching a friend's test. I was devestated and completely mortified that someone would do such a thing. I keep my eyes peeled at every show in hope I will spot it on a horse but no luck so far."

Lady Guinevere Blue Browband

I love it so much I want one to use every day and one to keep 'perfect' for showing. Thanks again for this exquisite product!!

- Sue


Hi Lisa, The browbands arrived today and are FANTASTIC !!! They are just SPECTACULAR!! I was impressed with your delivery presentation also. NICELY DONE LISA! Very professional. I will spread the word. Thank you

Best, Judith

I just received my new brow band and Holy Cow!! It is just stunning and is exactly what I hoped it would look like. I can't wait to put it on my bridle and send you a picture of it on my horse. The stock pin is just the perfect accent. Thanks so much!

- Jennifer

I received the browband and as usual it is as beautiful as ever!! You do such exquisite work. I will be getting a new horse sometime in the near future. Possibly a mare this time. You'll know when I do - I will definitely be contacting you for a "pinkish" style for her. Hope you have wonderful holidays. Be talking to you again soon.

- Geri

Hi, I'm Stephanie Early, I went to this year's NAJYRC in Kentucky as a junior rider from California. I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous browbands you designed and donated to the team. They were spectacular and all the horses looked absolutely amazing in them. Thanks so much again, it was really thoughtful of you to do that for the team!

- Stephanie Early (and Panash - my horse)

I wanted to let you know how much I like the work you did on the browbands and most of all the quality of the browbands is excellent. The leather is much better than others I have seen. Thanks!

- Laura Whitford - Haymarket, VA

Hi Lisa, I love my browband. Leather is top quality. Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks so much.

- Brook Morrison - Pleasanton, CA

Thanks for the browband ... Jan was so happy to get it. We tried it on immediately and it looked great!! Everyone at the barn LOVES it.

- CR

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the browband. It is gorgeous!

- Sharon Garner - TX

Lisa, I never do this, but I just want to say I think your work is Fabulous -- definitely the best browbands and pins I've ever seen!! BRAVA! ........Your pieces truly are works of art

- Kate @

Lisa, My daughter and I just opened the browband, and it is by far the cutest, most well made piece we have ever seen. I can not wait to take it to the barn on Saturday and put it on his little face. Thank you so much for getting this done in time for his debut. I know that there will be orders for you in the future.

- K. Agosto - San Diego, CA

Lisa, once again your workmanship has left me breathless!! The browband is exactly what I described and the stockpin will really please Nancy!

- E. Jenkinson - OH

Custom Browband Testimonials

Hi Lisa, I received my browband today - it is stunning! I love it............ it is sooo pretty and just sparkles in the sun. Thank you so much!

- Zena - Adelaide, South Austrailia

Custom Browband Testimonials

Lisa,Your gorgeous browband arrived yesterday and all I can say is, "Wow!"  It is utterly magnificent!  I cannot wait to go put it on my headstall and see it on my lipizzan.  Promise to take photos and forward them to you!!! Thank you for your talent!!!

- Pamela W.


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