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Browband 411 - All about browbands!
Browband 411 - All about browbands!
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Browband 411 - All about browbands!

The beauty of Custom Equine Works is that you can have a completely custom piece of art! Choose from different sizes, color beads, leather, buckles and end loops (browbands only)!

Custom Sizes & Colors

Custom sizes (browbands only) add $10 to the price; select the "Custom Size" in the Size drop down menu AND select the check box for custom size when ordering.

Once on the PayPal page, please click on "ADD CUSTOM COLORS AND SIZES HERE" to type in the custom size.

Custom colors (all products), keeping the same style beads, are free of charge. Once on the PayPal page, please click on "ADD CUSTOM COLORS AND SIZES HERE" to type in the custom colors that you would like. For different beads, please contact me. See the Custom Bead section below for more details.

Double and Rolled Bridles: see Double Bridle section below


Baby Bling Custom Browband

Completely customized Baby Bling in Teal (top) and Heir to the Throne (bottom) -

Baby Bling was ordered for a yearling and Heir to the Throne for a weanling, both that are going to the World Futurity Championships. The Baby Bling teal browband is 12" long with 1" end loops. The client ordered Spring Bling, changed the bead color to Teal, and we scaled down the design with smaller beads so it would look fitting for such a young, small, little baby.

For the Heir to the Throne baby browband, the owner liked the Heir to the Throne design but those beads were too big for the 9.5" sized browband so it was customized with beads similiar in color, but smaller for a baby.

Browbands in tiny sizes start at $145.

Spring Bling Custom Browband
Original Spring Bling in blue

Heir to the Throne Browband
Original Heir to the Throne browband

Custom Beads

If you request more expensive beads, additional charges may apply. I will contact you after you place your order to go over the customization. Let me know what stones or colors you prefer.

I work with Swarovski crystal and they come in many colors, sizes and shapes. I also have 14k gold plated beads as well as 18k and 24k gold plated Vermeil beads (a sterling silver bead that has been gold plated). I also have fabulous semi-precious stones including but not limited to: lapis, malachite, pearls, jasper, jade, agate, citrine, peridot, coral, amazonite, aventurine, ruby zoisite, quartz, amber, hematite, moonstone, tiger eye, turquoise, amethyst, labradorite, kyanite, mooakite, garnet, obsidian, jet, tourmaline and howlite. I am always on the look out for more and new fabulous beads that are suitable for my work, so you can make suggestions!

What are vermeil beads?

Vermeil is .925 sterling silver, heavily electroplated with 10Kt fineness, or more, of yellow gold. Vermeil products carried by Custom Equine Works are usually in the 18Kt to 24Kt range of fineness. The thickness of the gold electroplate must be a minimum of 2-1/2 microns of fine gold. All Vermeil Beads are directly imported from Bali Indonesia.

What are Hill Tribe Silver beads?

Every bead and component is beautifully hand-crafted by expert silversmiths from the Hill Tribes in Thailand. Made from a higher purity silver than sterling silver, fine silver (93-99%) offers a brilliant metallic luster and a greater resistance to tarnish.

Leather Colors & How to Size

Leather for browbands, belts and dog collars can be brown, black, brown with white padding or black with white padding.

For browband size, measure from end of ear loop to end of ear loop of a current browband that fits your horse. Usually sizes run 15.5" - 17" but ANY size can be done.

Custom Browband Brown Leather
Brown Leather

Custom Browband Black Leather
Black Leather

Contrast Padding Browband
Black or Brown Leather with White Padding (click for more images)

Wave Curved Leather Browband
Wave Design (browbands only) - Add a curve to your browband! The wave design is available in all leather colors (black, brown, black with white padding or brown with white padding) for an additional $10. Click the "Wave Style" in the Add-On section. If you'd like a Wave Style with a double bridle, it is $15. Be sure to check the right box in the Add-On section for each browband. Click to see more images!

Double Bridles

2" end loops with keepers for Double and/or Rolled Bridles. There is a $10 additional charge for this.

On the Size drop down menu, select the size you want that has "Double" after it. So if you want a Full Size for a double bridle, select "Full - Double". If you want a Custom Size for a double bridle, select "Custom - Double". There is a $20 additional fee (above the standard price) for "Custom - Double".

Double End Loop


**If you need any assistance ordering, please contact me!**

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